The Stolen Years (2013)

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Synopsis Drama
People always ask “How long can one love another?”; every love wishes to be long-lasting and forever. But reality is usually harsh and no matter how great a love is, time still takes its toll. He Man (Bai Baihe) lost her memories five years ago when she had an accident, which led to her losing her memories. When she finally woke up, she could not understand why she and her husband had divorced, why her best friend turned into foe, or why colleagues all avoided and tried to stay away from her. In order to find back her memories, she starts on her search of her lost memories with the help of her ex-husband. But as they discover more, they then realise. 

Genre : Drama
Actors : Amber An, Hsiao-chuan Chang
Country : CHINESE
Released : 2013

Drama stolenyears
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Status Episode : Completed


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