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After The Rain (2018)

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After The Rain (2018)
Synopsis Drama This is a drama about Bong Gil (Kim Kang Woo) who is
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Something in the Rain (2018)
Synopsis Drama The series explores the relationship of two people as they go from
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Steel Rain (2017)

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Steel Rain (2017)
Synopsis Drama A former agent from the North Korean intelligence and a senior member
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My Mind’s Flower Rain (2016)
Synopsis Drama "My Mind’s Flower Rain" takes over the KBS2 weekdays 09:00 time slot
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HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain (2016)
Synopsis Drama The Amamiya Brothers, Masaki and Hiroto, keep looking for their older brother
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Candy Rain (2008)

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Candy Rain (2008)
Synopsis Drama Director Chen Hung-I's Candy Rain could be the most perfectly titled film
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The Land of Rain Trees (2015)
Synopsis Drama Nobuyuki Sakisaka (Yuta Tamamori) is a salaryman. When he was in middle
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Love in the Rain (2013)

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Love in the Rain (2013)
Synopsis Drama Is falling in love similar to rain? Rains falls without reason and
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Rhythm of the Rain (2013)
Synopsis Drama Allen and his band are trying to make it big, but don't
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Beautiful Rain (2012)

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Beautiful Rain (2012)
Synopsis Drama One day a father with a young daughter is diagnosed as a
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Of Love and Rain (2012)

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Of Love and Rain (2012)
Synopsis Drama A man meets his first love in the rain. Genre : Romance
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Come Rain Come Shine (2011)
Synopsis Drama A melodrama about a couple who have been married for five years,
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Come Rain Come Shin (2011)
Synopsis Drama The lone Asian entry in the main competition of the 61st Berlin
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East Wind Rain (2010)

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East Wind Rain (2010)
Synopsis Drama Year 1941, a roll of film is delivered to Shanghai and a
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Blood Rain (2005)

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Blood Rain (2005)
Synopsis Drama Director Kim Dae-seung brings us a shocking historical thriller set in 19th
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Rain Fall (2009)

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Rain Fall (2009)
Synopsis Drama In Tokyo, a minister of public works is rumored to be taking