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Permalink to Ghost In Love (1999)

Ghost In Love (1999)

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Ghost In Love (1999)
Synopsis Drama Chae-byul is standing on a subway platform after being dumped by her
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Peony Lantern Ghost Story (1968)
Synopsis Drama Shinzaburo flees an unwanted marriage with his brother's widow and lives quietly
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Ghost Women Over Flowers (2015)
Synopsis Drama Yeong-woong quits his major firm job and joins a private loan company
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Ghost Theater (2015)

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Ghost Theater (2015)
Synopsis Drama Sara, a young actress, is able to land the leading role in
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The Ghost Detective (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama tell the story of a detective, Lee Da Il (Choi
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Oh My Ghost 2018 (2018)

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Oh My Ghost 2018 (2018)
Synopsis Drama Jiew is a modest girl who works at a restaurant washing dishes
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Ghost Net (2017)

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Ghost Net (2017)
Synopsis Drama The movie features three ghost stories set in Hong Kong, beginning with
Permalink to The Ghost Bride (2017)

The Ghost Bride (2017)

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The Ghost Bride (2017)
Synopsis Drama After receiving an unusual business proposal, a young woman experiences strange phenomena.
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Ghost Ship (2016)

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Ghost Ship (2016)
Synopsis Drama At a dark pier in the middle of the night, a boat
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Ghost In The Well (1957)
Synopsis Drama The ever popular Misora Hibari stars as Okiku, who returns from the
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Ghost Diary (2016)

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Ghost Diary (2016)
Synopsis Drama A horror movie about a haunted diary. Genre : Horror Actors :
Permalink to Let’s Fight Ghost (2016)
Let’s Fight Ghost (2016)
Synopsis Drama Based on webcomic “Ssauja Gwisina (싸우자 귀신아)” by Im In Seu which
Permalink to TVB Ghost Of Relativity (2015)
TVB Ghost Of Relativity (2015)
Synopsis Drama Architects Limited's office manager Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) has had a crush
Permalink to Oh My Ghost (2015)

Oh My Ghost (2015)

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Oh My Ghost (2015)
Synopsis Drama Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as a sous chef. Because of her
Permalink to Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2015)
Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2015)
Synopsis Drama "Olivia storytelling" series of big movie, adapted from the last century, the
Permalink to Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)
Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)
Synopsis Drama Takeru Tenkūji, whose father is a ghost hunter who died 10 years
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Eyes of Ghost (2014)

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Eyes of Ghost (2014)
Synopsis Drama Photographer traveled, a bored waiting for Victoria over the pictures, look at
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A Chinese Ghost Story (1991)
Synopsis Drama The story takes place on an ancient mountain – Black Mountain, when
Permalink to O.T. Ghost Overtime (2014)
O.T. Ghost Overtime (2014)
Synopsis Drama O.T. Ghost Overtime continues the story from the film O.T. in the
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Ghost Fever (1989)

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Ghost Fever (1989)
Synopsis Drama A married businessman's ill-advised dalliance with a mysterious beauty comes back to