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The Ghost Detective (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama tell the story of a detective, Lee Da Il (Choi
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Detective Psycho (2017)
Synopsis Drama The Hong Kong Police Force has a mysterious department, "Seventh Action Group",
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Massage Detective Joe (2017)
Synopsis Drama Joe Yabukihara (Yuichi Nakamaru) is a massage therapist who works for Madam
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Detective Dee (2017)

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Detective Dee (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama follows Empress Wu Zetian, Emperor Gaozong and Di Renjie on
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Phantom Detective (2016)
Synopsis Drama Though he runs an illegal detective agency, Hong Gil-dong’s reputation as a
Permalink to Detective Chinatown (2016)
Detective Chinatown (2016)
Synopsis Drama An action-packed comedy from the producer of "Lost In Thailand" and "Jain
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Vampire Detective (2016)
Synopsis Drama Private detective, Yoon San (Lee Joon) suddenly becomes a vampire. He solves
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Food Detective (2016)

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Food Detective (2016)
Synopsis Drama kshow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
Permalink to Heiji, the Detective (1967)
Heiji, the Detective (1967)
Synopsis Drama In one of his signature roles, Okawa Hashizo stars as Zenigata Heiji,
Permalink to Detective Ballerino (2016)
Detective Ballerino (2016)
Synopsis Drama In the past, Kurumi Usushima (Yuto Nakajima) wanted to become a ballerino,
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Detective Alice (2015)

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Detective Alice (2015)
Synopsis Drama Cheon Yeon Ju is a girl who is specializes in investigating crimes.
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Detective Lady (2015)

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Detective Lady (2015)
Synopsis Drama Gui (by Luodan Wang) is a gifted detective, her extraordinary imagination and
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Detective Byomkesh Bakshy (2015)
Synopsis Drama In a contemporary interpretation of war torn Calcutta during the 1940's, the
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Detective Sweet (2015)

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Detective Sweet (2015)
Synopsis Drama Something strange happened after an autistic girl is involved in a car
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Love Detective (2015)

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Love Detective (2015)
Synopsis Drama Cast: Ivana Wong Pakho Chau Jacqueline Chong Ram Chiang Joe Tay Anjaylia
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The Detective Bao Zheng (2015)
Synopsis Drama Emperor Song years, Zhao Qing Wang Xiangyang 狸猫换太子 deadly trap set to