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Permalink to Back Street Girls: Gokudoruzu (2019)
Back Street Girls: Gokudoruzu (2019)
Synopsis Drama Kentaro Yamamoto (Jin Shirasu), Ryo Tachibana (Reiya Masaki) and Kazuhiko Sugihara (Masato
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Smashing on Your Back (2017)
Synopsis Drama A sitcom about a family that’s struggling to survive, living with the
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Go Back Couple (2017)

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Go Back Couple (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a married couple who constantly fights. They regret
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Back to School (2016)

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Back to School (2016)
Synopsis Drama kshow - Back to School Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown
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Please Come Back, Mister (2016)
Synopsis Drama This drama was based on the Japanese Novel “Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days
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Back to 1989 (2015)

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Back to 1989 (2015)
Synopsis Drama A young successful young man has always felt something missing in his
Permalink to Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015)
Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015)
Synopsis Drama The all-powerful Monkey King once roamed freely between Heaven and Earth, but
Permalink to Back to the 90’s (2015)
Back to the 90’s (2015)
Synopsis Drama Released: 19 Mar 2015 (1 year ago) Runtime: 111 Mins Genre :
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Bring Back the Dead (2015)
Synopsis Drama When her seven-year-old son dies in a tragic road accident, a grieving
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Baby Child Back Home (2014)
Synopsis Drama Song Qiming go to aquarium with Kiki to play, butSong Qiming found
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My Back Page (2011)

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My Back Page (2011)
Synopsis Drama Japan has rarely been as politically active as it was in the
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Don’t Look Back (1999) (1999)
Synopsis Drama Ten-year-old fifth-graders Akira and Koichi are best friends who always seem to