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Poetry Angel (2017)

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Poetry Angel (2017)
Synopsis Drama After Tsutomu Tamaki (Amane Okayama) graduated from high school, he has worked
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Angel Destiny (2016)

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Angel Destiny (2016)
Synopsis Drama An angel is forced down to earth with the condition that if
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Angel In The-Making (2015)
Synopsis Drama A batch of fresh nursing school graduates are assigned to complete an
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Angel Bank (2005)

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Angel Bank (2005)
Synopsis Drama Ino Mamako is an English teacher at one of Japan's roughest schools,
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Angel Heart (2015)

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Angel Heart (2015)
Synopsis Drama Saeba Ryo, the lead character of "City Hunter," comes off as an
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Devil and Angel 2015 (2015)
Synopsis Drama Adapted from the famous stage play of the same name, Devil And
Permalink to Angel ‘n’ Devil (2014)
Angel ‘n’ Devil (2014)
Synopsis Drama At every turn, evil threatens to overtake good and rule the world.
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Angel Eyes (2014)

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Angel Eyes (2014)
Synopsis Drama A melodrama about a man and a woman who are each other’s
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Angel Warriors (2013)

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Angel Warriors (2013)
Synopsis Drama "Angel Warriors" tells the story of five girls from the city, who
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The Secret Angel (2012)
Synopsis Drama The drama is about the twists and turns that take place in
Permalink to Guardian Angel (2001)

Guardian Angel (2001)

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Guardian Angel (2001)
Synopsis Drama Knowing the hardship of being an orphan, Jung Da So endures the