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Gu 2016 (2016)

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Gu 2016 (2016)
Synopsis Drama On a gloomy day, Gu takes a train back to his hometown
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MARS ~But, I Love You (2016)
Synopsis Drama Based on the manga series "Mars" by Fuyumi Soryo (published from February,
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The Promise (Korean Drama) (2016)
Synopsis Drama Na-Yeon (Lee Yu-Ri) is a bright woman. She supports her boyfriend Tae-Joon
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Kodoku no Gurume SP (2016)
Synopsis Drama drama Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : JAPANESE Type :
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The Sleeping Beauty (2016)
Synopsis Drama {The Sleeping Beauty} is a modern drama produced by Lafeng Entertainment Co.
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Short End of the Stick (2016)
Synopsis Drama The drama is a comedic depiction of the lives of eunuchs after
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Getsugol 2016 (2016)

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Getsugol 2016 (2016)
Synopsis Drama DRAMA Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : JAPANESE Type :
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Shopping King Louie (2016)
Synopsis Drama A romantic comedy about Louie (Seo In Guk), a rich heir who,
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My New Sassy Girl (2016)
Synopsis Drama Gyun-woo is having difficulty forgetting the sassy girl. He then reunites with
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Getaway (2016)

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Getaway (2016)
Synopsis Drama Want to explore China but not sure where you should go? “Getaway”
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Under the Sea (2016)

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Under the Sea (2016)
Synopsis Drama Despite having ocean water allergy, Ji-ah go to the beach with her
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Far Away Love (2016)

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Far Away Love (2016)
Synopsis Drama Meng Chu Xia is a kind-hearted and optimistic single 28-year-old ‘shengnu’ (‘leftover
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The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)
Synopsis Drama Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial
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Luk Tan Loikaeo (2016)

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Luk Tan Loikaeo (2016)
Synopsis Drama N/A Genre : Drama Actors : Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn, Sonya Singha Country :
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Get My Revenge (2016)

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Get My Revenge (2016)
Synopsis Drama Get My Revenge (2016) In 2002, “Fukushu Ho” (Revenge Law) has been
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The Sion Sono (2016)

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The Sion Sono (2016)
Synopsis Drama The ever-evolving Sion Sono, who burst onto the Japanese film scene with
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Luerd Ruk Toranong (2016)
Synopsis Drama Suea Gat is the second husband of PutGrong. She left her first
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Strange Family (2016)

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Strange Family (2016)
Synopsis Drama The Unusual Family’ is about two country girls with different dreams. There