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Firestorm (2013)

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Firestorm (2013)
Synopsis Drama A crew of seasoned criminals led by the notorious Nam, armed with
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Concrete Clouds (2013)

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Concrete Clouds (2013)
Synopsis Drama “The age of dejection.” This is how Director Lee Chatametikool remembers Thailand
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Kuroneko Tokidoki Hanaya (2013)
Synopsis Drama When Kiyoka Hinata (Airi Taira) was a university student, she met instructor
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Crimes of Passion (2013)
Synopsis Drama The film entitled "Yi Chang Feng Hua Xue Yue De Shi" in
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Video Commando (2013)

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Video Commando (2013)
Synopsis Drama KShow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
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The Empire Symbol (2013)
Synopsis Drama The story of “Empire Symbol” is quiet dramatic and it is called
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The Workhorse & the Bigmouth (2013)
Synopsis Drama 34-year-old Michiyo Mabuchi (Kumiko Aso) and 26-year-old Yoshimi Tendo (Shota Yasuda) meet
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Petal Dance (2013)

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Petal Dance (2013)
Synopsis Drama Four women, who have their own different sorrows, embark on a road
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Feast On Woman’s Body (2013)
Synopsis Drama The story takes place in feudal China’s western poor family, my mother
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Pin to Kona (2013)

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Pin to Kona (2013)
Synopsis Drama Kawamura Kyonosuke is the son of the prominent Kabuki family Kijima, and
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Fukrey (2013)

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Fukrey (2013)
Synopsis Drama The paths of four dream-chasing college friends cross with an array of
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Kid’s Police (2013)

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Kid’s Police (2013)
Synopsis Drama Detectives in the special investigation team in Kanagawa go after criminal organization
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Steal My Heart (2013)

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Steal My Heart (2013)
Synopsis Drama Ho-Tae (Joo Won) is a hot shot criminal profiler. He's currently working
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Doubles (2013)

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Doubles (2013)
Synopsis Drama To deal with the increasing violent crime rate in the Shinjuku area
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Double Tone (2013)

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Double Tone (2013)
Synopsis Drama Nakano Yumi, a single career woman who works at a small advertising
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Shougeki Gouraigan (2013)
Synopsis Drama The story revolves around Gou and Kai Hitomi, the titular hero and
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Shuddh Desi Romance (2013)
Synopsis Drama A story about the hair-raising minefield between love, attraction and commitment. Genre
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My Lucky Star (movie) (2013)
Synopsis Drama A woman gets caught up in an international diamond heist that draws
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The White Storm (2013)

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The White Storm (2013)
Synopsis Drama An operation against the notorious druglord in Thailand changed the destiny of
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The Protector 2 (2013)

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The Protector 2 (2013)
Synopsis Drama Kham's (Tony Jaa) elephant Khon is stolen by low level crime boss
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Bye Old Times Bye (2013)
Synopsis Drama Do you have experiences in your life that you write off to
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I Love Movie (2013)

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I Love Movie (2013)
Synopsis Drama kshow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
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Eien no 0 (2013)

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Eien no 0 (2013)
Synopsis Drama A young man Kentaro Saeki (Haruma Miura) keeps failing his bar test
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Princess T-ARA (2013)

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Princess T-ARA (2013)
Synopsis Drama Princess T-ARA was a reality television program broadcasted on the cable channel
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Day of Redemption (2013)
Synopsis Drama “Money, love, or dignity?” is the question underlining the upcoming movie Day