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Wind Blast (2010)

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Wind Blast (2010)
Synopsis Drama Four proficient detectives are assigned to track down a murder suspect who
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Hello Stranger (movie) (2010)
Synopsis Drama Just like thousands of Thai couples, during the 9 days holiday of
Permalink to Naka nai to Kimeta Hi (2010)
Naka nai to Kimeta Hi (2010)
Synopsis Drama Miki Kakuta (Nana Eikura) graudates from a second-rate university and scores a
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Kamen Rider Den O (2010)
Synopsis Drama Ryotaro Nogami is a young man with a lot of bad luck.
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Sawan Saang (2010)

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Sawan Saang (2010)
Synopsis Drama Nakrop Payakracha, the young president of Tiger King corporation, is a cruel
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Down With Love (2010)

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Down With Love (2010)
Synopsis Drama Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan), a renowned lawyer, is seen by others
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Massugu na Otoko (2010)

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Massugu na Otoko (2010)
Synopsis Drama Matsushima Kenichiro is basically a straight guy because he hates dishonesty. He
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Death Game Park (2010)

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Death Game Park (2010)
Synopsis Drama "Death Game Park" is an action thriller reminiscent of Kinji Fukasaku's "Battle
Permalink to Cinderellas Sister (2010) (2010)
Cinderellas Sister (2010) (2010)
Synopsis Drama She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Eun-jo
Permalink to Edge of the Empire (2010)
Edge of the Empire (2010)
Synopsis Drama The film inspired by Thai historical heroes who sacrificed to fight against
Permalink to Jejoongwon (2010)

Jejoongwon (2010)

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Jejoongwon (2010)
Synopsis Drama Jejoongwon is the first modern hospital in Korea established in the Joseon
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Boys On The Run movie (2010)
Synopsis Drama It’s not often that a coming-of-age story revolves around a 29-year-old chronic
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Gallants (2010)

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Gallants (2010)
Synopsis Drama Weedy office worker Cheung is sent to a remote village to secure
Permalink to Ruk Nai Marn Mek (2010)

Ruk Nai Marn Mek (2010)

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Ruk Nai Marn Mek (2010)
Synopsis Drama Khun Chai and Nongsai are childhood friends. After Nongsai was diagnosed with
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The Unjust (2010)

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The Unjust (2010)
Synopsis Drama After the rape and murder of five elementary schoolgirls, the police have
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Crossing Hennessy (2010)
Synopsis Drama Loy (Jacky Cheung), a 41-year-old bachelor who lives with his mother (Paw
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Bunny Boy (2010)

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Bunny Boy (2010)
Synopsis Drama When a young child walks home from school, he encounters a strange-looking
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Vampire Warriors (2010)

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Vampire Warriors (2010)
Synopsis Drama The prolific filmmaker of cult favorites like Bad Blood and Womb Ghosts,
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Face Maker (2010)

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Face Maker (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kirishima, a skilled plastic surgeon who previously used to work for the
Permalink to Because of you (2010)

Because of you (2010)

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Because of you (2010)
Synopsis Drama Sun Fan is a stunt double who dreams of becoming a big
Permalink to Ningen Shikkaku (2010)

Ningen Shikkaku (2010)

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Ningen Shikkaku (2010)
Synopsis Drama No Longer Human" tells the story of a young man who has
Permalink to Channel-X (2010)

Channel-X (2010)

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Channel-X (2010)
Synopsis Drama On the day he was to expose the biggest corporate scandal, An
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The Dreams of Jinsha (2010)
Synopsis Drama Xiao Long is a modern day middle-school student, who, after being transported
Permalink to SP The Motion Picture Yabo Hen (2010)
SP The Motion Picture Yabo Hen (2010)
Synopsis Drama When Kaoru Inoue (Junichi Okada) opposes Soichiro Ogata (Shin'ichi Tsutsumi), Soichiro makes
Permalink to God of Study 2010 (2010)
God of Study 2010 (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to take up
Permalink to You Deserve to Be Single (2010)
You Deserve to Be Single (2010)
Synopsis Drama The film centres around three contemporary urban couples who are involved in
Permalink to The Influence (2010)

The Influence (2010)

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The Influence (2010)
Synopsis Drama A mystery mini-series with a story that revolves around a promise that