Permalink to Gakkou no Kaidan 2 (1996)
Gakkou no Kaidan 2 (1996)
Synopsis Drama "The movie revolves around an elementary school, where a girl called Mika
Permalink to Wild Animals (1996)

Wild Animals (1996)

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Wild Animals (1996)
Synopsis Drama Kim Ki-Duk's second film is the story of two illegal immigrants in
Permalink to Yes Madam 5 (1996)

Yes Madam 5 (1996)

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Yes Madam 5 (1996)
Synopsis Drama A disc with the names of Triad members is taken away, and
Permalink to Vampire Expert 2 (1996)

Vampire Expert 2 (1996)

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Vampire Expert 2 (1996)
Synopsis Drama After the huge success of the 1995 hit drama Vampire Expert, ATV
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Free and Easy 8 (1996)

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Free and Easy 8 (1996)
Synopsis Drama The story focuses on salaryman Densuke Hamasaki (a.k.a. Hama-chan), whom his supervisor
Permalink to Nothing To Declare (1996)
Nothing To Declare (1996)
Synopsis Drama This series is about the marine custom department in Hong Kong which
Permalink to Shota no Sushi (1996)

Shota no Sushi (1996)

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Shota no Sushi (1996)
Synopsis Drama A manga-based drama about the young and talented Shota (Kashiwabara) who set
Permalink to Swallowtail Butterfly (1996)
Swallowtail Butterfly (1996)
Synopsis Drama An industrial section of Japan got the name of Yentown as many
Permalink to Hakusen Nagashi (1996)

Hakusen Nagashi (1996)

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Hakusen Nagashi (1996)
Synopsis Drama Sonoko, a rural high school student, notices stars drawn on her desk
Permalink to Dangan Runner (1996)

Dangan Runner (1996)

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Dangan Runner (1996)
Synopsis Drama A salaryman, a drug addict and a yakuza go on a breathless
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helpless (1996) (1996)

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helpless (1996) (1996)
Synopsis Drama i've watched aoyamas latest movie 'sad vacation' just a few days ago.
Permalink to Beyond Hypothermia (1996)
Beyond Hypothermia (1996)
Synopsis Drama A nameless hitwoman (Jacklyn Wu) who, for reasons not entirely clear, has
Permalink to Long Vacation (1996)

Long Vacation (1996)

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Long Vacation (1996)
Synopsis Drama Sena , 24 (Kimura) is a college graduate who dreams of becoming
Permalink to The Rainbow Seeker (1996)
The Rainbow Seeker (1996)
Synopsis Drama The heart-warming story of a man who runs a movie theater and
Permalink to Concerto (1996)

Concerto (1996)

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Concerto (1996)
Synopsis Drama Love and ambition collide when two brilliant architects compete for the same
Permalink to Terrorizers (1996)

Terrorizers (1996)

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Terrorizers (1996)
Synopsis Drama Ostensibly inspired by a documentary on a German terrorist group, Edward Yang’s
Permalink to Shanghai Grand (1996)

Shanghai Grand (1996)

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Shanghai Grand (1996)
Synopsis Drama Ding Lik (Andy Lau) is a Shanghai city dweller, who dreams of
Permalink to Hitorigurashi (1996)

Hitorigurashi (1996)

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Hitorigurashi (1996)
Synopsis Drama Tired of living with her parents, 26-year-old Miho decides to live by
Permalink to Journey To The West (1996)
Journey To The West (1996)
Synopsis Drama Sun Wukong the Monkey King, monk Tang Sanzang, humanoid pig Zhu Bajie
Permalink to First Love (1996)

First Love (1996)

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First Love (1996)
Synopsis Drama Choi Soo Jung has the role of the older brother of Bae
Permalink to Tears of the Dragon (1996)
Tears of the Dragon (1996)
Synopsis Drama This drama depicts the turbulent period spanning from the reign of King
Permalink to Supermarket Woman (1996)
Supermarket Woman (1996)
Synopsis Drama Juzo Itami, director of "Tampopo," is back in the food business again.
Permalink to The Gingko Bed (1996)

The Gingko Bed (1996)

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The Gingko Bed (1996)
Synopsis Drama Su-Hyun, a 30-year-old art lecturer and his girlfriend, Sun-Young have lived a
Permalink to Oishii Kanke (1996)

Oishii Kanke (1996)

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Oishii Kanke (1996)
Synopsis Drama "Momoe lives a life of luxury until one day, she loses everything...
Permalink to Organ Ultimate Edition (1996)
Organ Ultimate Edition (1996)
Synopsis Drama Two police detectives Numata and Tosaka infiltrate a group of underground black