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Madame Aema (1982)

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Madame Aema (1982)
Synopsis Drama Oh Su-bi's husband, Shin Hyun-wu, is in jail for involuntary homicide. For
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Transfer Student (1982)
Synopsis Drama 9th-graders Kazuo (boy) and Kazumi (girl) take a tumble at a temple
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The Miracle Fighters (1982)
Synopsis Drama Two elderly Taoist priests, Chi Men (Leung Kar Yan) and Dun Jai
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Onimasa (1982)

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Onimasa (1982)
Synopsis Drama Onimasa is the egocentric boss of a small yakuza clan on Shikoku
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Himala (1982)

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Himala (1982)
Synopsis Drama In the forgotten town of Cupang in the Philippines, a young woman
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Oro Plata Mata (1982)

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Oro Plata Mata (1982)
Synopsis Drama Oro, Plata, Mata is a 1982 multi-awarded Filipino film directed by Peque
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Aces Go Places 1 (1982)
Synopsis Drama A "James Bond" type burglar named King Kong (Sam Hui) tries to
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Godfather Of Canton (1982)
Synopsis Drama Although director Kuei Chih-hung is noted for horror flicks that best many