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The Devils Ballad (1977)
Synopsis Drama Based on the novel about detective Kindaichi Kousuke by Seishi Yokomizo. Genre
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Synopsis Drama Mo (takeshi Kaneshiro) is a low life gangster. He has promised a
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The Soong Sisters (1977)
Synopsis Drama The Soong family was a political dynasty in China that reached the
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Money Crazy (1977)

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Money Crazy (1977)
Synopsis Drama Ducky is hired by Rich Chen to transport the "diamonds" he stole
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Proof of the Man (1977)

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Proof of the Man (1977)
Synopsis Drama A young black man from Harlem, New York ( Joe Yamanaka )
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The Life of Chikuzan (1977)
Synopsis Drama Chikuzan Takahashi was a partially blind singer and shamisen player who spent
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Samurai Executioner (1977)
Synopsis Drama An unusual blending of elements comes together in this crime story drawn
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To Kill a Jaguar (1977)

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To Kill a Jaguar (1977)
Synopsis Drama Set in early 20th century Shanghai, this Hua Shan actioner stars former
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Best Partner (1977)

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Best Partner (1977)
Synopsis Drama Two men with the same name work for the same company and
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Medical Brothers (1977)

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Medical Brothers (1977)
Synopsis Drama Both brothers and rivals, Kim Su Hyung (Jang Dong Gun) and Kim
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Clans Of Intrigue (1977)
Synopsis Drama Director Chor Yuen once again takes a chapter out of author Gu
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Those Were the Days (1977)
Synopsis Drama A spirited comedy that pokes fun at old-style Cantonese filmmaking and Wong
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Lifeline (1977)

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Lifeline (1977)
Synopsis Drama Hong Kong’s answer to Backdraft is a good, solid flick that seems