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Zatoichi season 2 (1976)
Synopsis Drama Shintaro Katsu stars in this classic samurai television series filled with martial
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Shaolin Wooden Men (1976)
Synopsis Drama Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial
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The Private Eyes (1976)

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The Private Eyes (1976)
Synopsis Drama Respect for people with connections in high places is so great in
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Akumaizer 3 (1976)

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Akumaizer 3 (1976)
Synopsis Drama Akumaizer 3 is a Japanese science fiction tokusatsu television series, created by
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Dragon Princess (1976)

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Dragon Princess (1976)
Synopsis Drama Karate master Kazuma Agaki (Shinichi Chiba) gets severely beaten and crippled by
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Killer Clans (1976)

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Killer Clans (1976)
Synopsis Drama Synopsis: Based on a popular swordplay novel, this colorful and complex saga