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Zatoichi (1974)

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Zatoichi (1974)
Synopsis Drama Blind masseur Zatôichi travels from town to town gambling, drinking, and fighting
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The Yakuza Papers (1974)
Synopsis Drama In the fourth installment in Kinji Fukasaku's five-part crime saga, the police
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Lone Wolf and Cub season 2 (1974)
Synopsis Drama Along with his three-year-old son, Daigoro, they seek revenge on the Yagyû
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The Homeless (1974)

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The Homeless (1974)
Synopsis Drama When the Daiei studio closed its doors in 1971, their biggest chanbara
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ESPY (1974)

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ESPY (1974)
Synopsis Drama Interpol has nothing on ESPY, an elite international law-enforcement agency. Its members
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Heroes Two (1974)

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Heroes Two (1974)
Synopsis Drama Director Chang Cheh begins his Shaolin Cycle with this solid kung fu
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Okami yo rakujitsu o kire (1974)
Synopsis Drama A fugitive samurai encounters a married couple who steal mountain gold for