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Zatoichi and the Chess (1965)
Synopsis Drama Zatoichi makes friends with a dangerous chess player, whilst fending off angry
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Zatoichi’s Revenge (1965)
Synopsis Drama After Zatoichi learns of his sensei's murder he uncovers a horrible conspiracy
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Blood of Revenge (1965)

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Blood of Revenge (1965)
Synopsis Drama Koji Tsuruta, often considered the yakuza genreā€™s first star, kills it in
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The Hoodlum Soldier (1965)
Synopsis Drama A young intellectual conscientious objector is forced to serve with the Japanese
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Cold Rice, Osan and Chan (1965)
Synopsis Drama Superstar Nakamura Kinnosuke takes on three separate roles in three short stories
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Sugata Sanshiro (1965)

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Sugata Sanshiro (1965)
Synopsis Drama The story of Sanshiro Sugata, a young man who wants to learn
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The Mermaid (1965) (1965)
Synopsis Drama Zhang Zhen's family had fallen on hard times but remembering the bethrothal