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Tange Sazen (1958)

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Tange Sazen (1958)
Synopsis Drama One of Japan's most popular folklore characters, Tange Sazen, the One-eyed and
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Jirocho Trilogy (1958)

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Jirocho Trilogy (1958)
Synopsis Drama In this dramatic portrayal of the real-life gambling boss Jirocho, a good-hearted
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Jirocho Trilogy 2 (1958)
Synopsis Drama It’s no holds barred when famed Boss Jirocho of Shimizu squares off
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The Hidden Fortress (1958)
Synopsis Drama Lured by gold, two greedy peasants escort a man and woman across
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Anzukko (1958)

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Anzukko (1958)
Synopsis Drama Anzukko, the daughter of a successful novelist, lives with her parents in