Oishii Man (2008)

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Synopsis Drama
Popular Korean actor Lee Min Ki (Haeundae) and Japanese actress Ikewaki Chizuru (Strawberry Shortcake) team up for the Korea-Japan co-production Oishii Man. Directed by Kim Jeong Jung (HERs), the picturesque romance was shot primarily in snowy Hokkaido, Japan, the perfect setting for a warm winter tale about growing pains and new beginnings. Filmed in a mixture of Korean, Japanese, and English, the cross-cultural love story finds a common language through music, food, and fantasy. Hyeon Seok (Lee Min Ki) was once an up-and-coming singer and musician, but his promising career comes to a halt after he began to develop hearing problems. Now he teaches a singing class to tone-deaf housewives while his own singing and hearing slip away. His life is painfully joyless and simple, and even when he meets a girl (Jung Yoo Mi, Family Ties) he likes, he can’t open up to her. Unable to take his life in Seoul anymore, Hyeon Seok runs off to a small town in Hokkaido and serendipitously meets a bright and quirky young Japanese woman (Ikewaki Chizuru) who opens his heart to music and love again.

Genre : Drama
Actors : Lee Min Ki, Ikewaki Chizuru, Jung Yu Mi
Country : KOREAN
Released : 2008

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Status Episode : Completed


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