Hello Again! (2019)

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Synopsis Drama
One hundred days before the college entrance examination, Chang Ke Ai, played by Amber An and Yang Zi Hao played by Bruce Hung, both experienced disputes in the third grade, both students in the same school. Both of them even promised each other about the future with the same school.

Yang Zi Hao chose to become a University student in the business management department. But Chang Ke Ai, who had also been admitted to college, gave up the opportunity and he went to work with his mother to sell clothes on the market.

10 years later, the two met and they are in a different world now. Yang Zihao became an executive vice president of “Gorgeous Department Store”, while Chang Ke Ai became a street vendor who sold clothes at a market. Reuniting, did he think of his promise ten years ago?

Genre : Comedy
Actors : Unknown
Country : CHINA
Type : TV SHOW
Released : 2019

Comedy againhello
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Status Episode : Ongoing


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