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Dear Ex (2018)

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Dear Ex (2018)
Synopsis Drama Dear Ex follows three people, all linked to one another because of
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Emily’s 5 Things (2018)
Synopsis Drama Emily's 5 Things Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : TAIWANESE
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My Goddess (2018)

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My Goddess (2018)
Synopsis Drama A once famous musician hoping to start over falls in love with
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Wind And Cloud (2002)

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Wind And Cloud (2002)
Synopsis Drama Wind and Cloud are orphans raised by the powerful Lord Conqueror (Xiongba),
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Fly ! Mr Kafka (2012)

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Fly ! Mr Kafka (2012)
Synopsis Drama Ada is a young man, the legendary head of the Scout. But
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Murmur of the Hearts (2015)
Synopsis Drama An artist reunites with her brother after the two were separated years
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Ying Ye 3+1 (2007)

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Ying Ye 3+1 (2007)
Synopsis Drama Xia Tian, Jia Jiang, Fang Wei, and Bulu grew up on Westside
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The Lying Game (2014)

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The Lying Game (2014)
Synopsis Drama An out of luck writer, Sun Zhen (Ella Chen) accidentally discovered a
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Night Market Hero (2011)
Synopsis Drama At the bustling "Ba Ba Ba Night Market," vendors deal with rivalries,
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Refresh Man (2016)

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Refresh Man (2016)
Synopsis Drama There is something to be said for late bloomers! Ji Wen Kai
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Metro of Love (2016)

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Metro of Love (2016)
Synopsis Drama Metro of Love , a series of six films initiated by Taiwan
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The King of Romance (2016)
Synopsis Drama A popular Chinese folklore tells of how the Jade Emperor, the king
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My Egg Boy (2016)

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My Egg Boy (2016)
Synopsis Drama Even in modern-day Taipei, women feel the societal pressure to get married
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Memory (2016)

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Memory (2016)
Synopsis Drama Memory drama Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : TAIWANESE Type
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SPOP Weekly Report (2016)
Synopsis Drama SPOP Weekly Report Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : TAIWANESE
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Love of Sandstorm (2016)
Synopsis Drama Chris Wu (Autumn's Concerto, Substitute Princess) headlines a romantic comedy that proves
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Nie Xiaoqian (2016)

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Nie Xiaoqian (2016)
Synopsis Drama Nie Xiaoqian is introduced as a beautiful female ghost. She died at
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Down With Love (2010)

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Down With Love (2010)
Synopsis Drama Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry Yan), a renowned lawyer, is seen by others
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Age of Rebellion (2018)
Synopsis Drama Campus bullying is a serious issue that every school try to root
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Campus Heroes (2018)

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Campus Heroes (2018)
Synopsis Drama Campus Heroes Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : TAIWANESE Type
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Your Face 2018 (2018)

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Your Face 2018 (2018)
Synopsis Drama Radically rethinking the tired talking-heads template, Tsai Ming-liang's latest digital experiment turns
Permalink to Crossing The Line (2018)
Crossing The Line (2018)
Synopsis Drama This story is about school, youth, passion, sports and romance. Wang Zhen