Come and Hug Me (2018)

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Synopsis Drama
This drama is about a man and a woman who are emotionally scarred due to a murder case that took place in their past has their fates intertwined. Together, they try to overcome the inevitable challenges that life throws at them.

Genre : Melodrama
Actors : Chang Ki Yong, Jin Ki Joo, Ryoo Han Bi (2004), Nam Da Reum, Heo Joon Ho, Kim Kyung Nam (1989), Kim Sang Woo (2000), Choi Ri, Lee Ye Won (2010), Lee Da In, Yoon Jong Hoon, Jung Da Hye, Park Joo Mi, Yoon Ji Hye, Min Sung Wook, Jung In Ki
Country : KOREAN
Type : TV SHOW
Released : 2018

melodrama come
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Status Episode : Completed


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