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Today’s Sherlock (2018)
Synopsis Drama TODAY’S SHERLOCK is all about solving the mystery. Hosted by Kim Gura,
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Secrets of Wildlife (2018)
Synopsis Drama N/A Genre : Variety Actors : Lee Sung Yeol (1991), Kim Myeong
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Cherry Bullet (2018)

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Cherry Bullet (2018)
Synopsis Drama Cherry Bullet, the new girl group from FNC Entertainment, comes to meet
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Buy Give and Take (2018)
Synopsis Drama With a motto "Let's have fun in Donation!," the show features two
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3 Cheong Grandma (2018)

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3 Cheong Grandma (2018)
Synopsis Drama However old you are, the most delicious food in your memory would
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Twilight Delight (2018)
Synopsis Drama Twilight Delight (Hangul: Your Rosy Cheeks | 볼빨간 당신) is a Korea
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Under Nineteen (2018)

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Under Nineteen (2018)
Synopsis Drama This TV show will introduce singers, rappers, dancers but also people who
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Human Intelligence (2018)
Synopsis Drama What if an artificial intelligence is far advanced that you cannot distinguish
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Joint Study Area (2018)
Synopsis Drama A talk show that discusses issues related to the preparation for the
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Kids These Days (2018)

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Kids These Days (2018)
Synopsis Drama N/A Genre : Variety Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type :
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Michuri 8 1000 (2018)

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Michuri 8 1000 (2018)
Synopsis Drama This is Michuri, a spooky village where all the secrets lie. Yoo
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Music Bank In Berlin (2018)
Synopsis Drama On July 20, the KBS 2TV music program confirmed the final lineup
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Problem Child in House (2018)
Synopsis Drama Five celebrities who are not that knowledgeable face the challenge of having
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Real Men 300 (2018)

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Real Men 300 (2018)
Synopsis Drama Genre : Variety Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type : TV
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The Fan (2018)

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The Fan (2018)
Synopsis Drama A new type of survival show is here. Hottest stars in the
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Guided Adventure 2 (2018)
Synopsis Drama It is a travel program whereby the cast travel around various countries
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Begin A Game (2018)

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Begin A Game (2018)
Synopsis Drama Let’s ‘Begin A Game’! Celebs who really love games gather around, play
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Chart and Go (2018)

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Chart and Go (2018)
Synopsis Drama Genre : Variety Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type : TV
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Come To See Me (2018)

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Come To See Me (2018)
Synopsis Drama Celebrities become producers of a variety program! Watch the TV show created
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Eat in Style (2018)

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Eat in Style (2018)
Synopsis Drama Genre : Variety Actors : Kim Sang Joong, Chae Rim Country :
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New Journey to the West 6 (2018)
Synopsis Drama New Journey to The West (Hangul: 신서유기; RR: SinSeoYuGi) is a South
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Olive Pocha (2018)

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Olive Pocha (2018)
Synopsis Drama Pojangmacha comes to Europe! A snack cart full of Jeong(affection) and delicious
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Girl’s For Rest (2018)
Synopsis Drama Genre : Variety Actors : Kim Tae Yeon Country : KOREAN Type