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High 5 Basketball (2016)
Synopsis Drama The drama revolves around basketball and describes the passion of youth. Two
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Attack it, Lightning! (2017)
Synopsis Drama This inspirational story tells the journey of a group of young men
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Ace wo Nerae! (2004)

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Ace wo Nerae! (2004)
Synopsis Drama It is an Asahi TV drama based on the popular 70's manga.
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Young Charioteers (2015)
Synopsis Drama Him Law and Sammy Sum became high school friends due to a
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Dream Again (2007)

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Dream Again (2007)
Synopsis Drama This original series stars Takashi Sorimachi as the pro baseball player Shunsuke
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No Breathing (2013)

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No Breathing (2013)
Synopsis Drama Set in the world of competition swimming. Woo-Sang (Lee Jong-Suk) is a
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Attack No. 1 (2005)

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Attack No. 1 (2005)
Synopsis Drama A smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for
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Bushido Sixteen (2010)

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Bushido Sixteen (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kaori (Riko Narumi) is a intense kendo fighter who has been training