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The King of Blaze (2018)
Synopsis Drama A story revolving around the Fire God, the Wind God and the
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When Time Stops (2018)

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When Time Stops (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a man goes back and forth in the
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Room No. 9 (2018)

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Room No. 9 (2018)
Synopsis Drama The story of two women whose fate is switched as they exchange
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Oh! My Emperor (2018)

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Oh! My Emperor (2018)
Synopsis Drama Luo Fei Fei, a girl from the 21st century, was transported to
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The Legend of Chusen (2016)
Synopsis Drama Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng), who along with childhood friend Lin Jingyu (Cheng
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Time Renegades (2016)

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Time Renegades (2016)
Synopsis Drama 1983: Ji-Hwan (Cho Jung-Seok) is a music teacher and he is soon
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The King of Romance (2016)
Synopsis Drama A popular Chinese folklore tells of how the Jade Emperor, the king
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Devastating Beauty (2018)
Synopsis Drama The six great clans are embroiled in an unending dispute and caught
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An Oriental Odyssey (2018)
Synopsis Drama Based off Miao Juan's novel. In Tang Dynasty, the chivalrous eldest daughter
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The Taoism Grandmaster (2018)
Synopsis Drama It has been foretold over three thousand years ago that the apocalypse
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Ever Night (2018)

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Ever Night (2018)
Synopsis Drama A touching story that evokes songs of praise, laughter and tears as
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Familiar Wife (2018)

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Familiar Wife (2018)
Synopsis Drama A married couple suddenly finds themselves living entirely different lives after their
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Tomorrow With You (2017)
Synopsis Drama This is a 100% pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2016-Sep-05 and will
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The Universe�s Star (2017)
Synopsis Drama This is a 100% pre-produced drama and a co-production between NAVER tvcast
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Fairy of the Chalice (2006)
Synopsis Drama The story begins with the Goddess Nuwa subduing and imprisoning an evil
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Ice Fantasy Destiny (2017)
Synopsis Drama Ice Fantasy Destiny transports the epic fantasy adventure story into a modern
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Hansel and Gretel (2007)
Synopsis Drama After meeting an mysterious girl on an dark stretch of road, a
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Meloholic (2017)

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Meloholic (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama is based on the Korean webtoon “멜로홀릭/Meloholic” by “팀겟네임/Team Get-Name”
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Unexpected Heroes (2017)
Synopsis Drama “Unexpected Heroes” is a fantasy web drama that tells the story of
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Black Knight (2017)

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Black Knight (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny
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House of the Disappeared (2016)
Synopsis Drama 25 years ago, Mi-Hee was an ordinary housewife, married to Chul-Joong and
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Bridge In Clouds (2016)

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Bridge In Clouds (2016)
Synopsis Drama Bridge In Clouds Genre : Fantasy Actors : Unknown Country : CHINESE