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Endless Loop (2018)

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Endless Loop (2018)
Synopsis Drama The story starts because of one journey. Seven people who have never
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Miss Baek (2018)

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Miss Baek (2018)
Synopsis Drama A woman's past as a convict follows her everywhere and because of
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Dark Figure of Crime (2018)
Synopsis Drama The fierce psychological confrontation between a detective and a killer who confessed
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The Scythian Lamb (2018)
Synopsis Drama Based on a manga written by Tatsuhiko Yamagami, the story is set
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Less Than Evil (2018)

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Less Than Evil (2018)
Synopsis Drama Woo Tae Seok is a lonely veteran detective. He focuses solely on
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The Unknown (2018)

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The Unknown (2018)
Synopsis Drama A story that follows three young heroes whose paths cross to solve
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Voice (Korean Drama) (2017)
Synopsis Drama A drama centered around the police of a 112 emergency call center.
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Criminal Minds (2017)

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Criminal Minds (2017)
Synopsis Drama Based on the long-running American CBS drama ‘Criminal Minds‘. This drama is
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Cold Case S2 (2018)

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Cold Case S2 (2018)
Synopsis Drama Set in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, "Cold Case" follows Yuri Ishikawa and her
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Voice (Season 2) (2018)

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Voice (Season 2) (2018)
Synopsis Drama The drama follows the lives of 112 emergency call center employees as
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Himeanole (2016)

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Himeanole (2016)
Synopsis Drama Susumu Okada (Gaku Hamada) is an ordinary man who works cleaning a
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Memory Lost (2016)

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Memory Lost (2016)
Synopsis Drama When in the presence of strangers, Han Chen was always handsome and
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Epiphyllum Dream (2016)

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Epiphyllum Dream (2016)
Synopsis Drama Set during the Republican era. Cheng Ci Hang is a respectable police
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Doubles (2013)

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Doubles (2013)
Synopsis Drama To deal with the increasing violent crime rate in the Shinjuku area
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Black Scandal (2018)

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Black Scandal (2018)
Synopsis Drama Sara Fujisaki is a top actress who is getting married soon. The
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Age of Rebellion (2018)
Synopsis Drama Campus bullying is a serious issue that every school try to root
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Breathe (2018)

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Breathe (2018)
Synopsis Drama Breathe is an Amazon Original Indian drama series that explores the lives
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U Turn 2018 (2018)

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U Turn 2018 (2018)
Synopsis Drama When a flyover in the city becomes the hotbed of accidents, a
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God’s Quiz (Season 5) (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about elite doctors and forensic scientists investigating mysterious deaths
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Wrath of Silence (2018)

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Wrath of Silence (2018)
Synopsis Drama In the 21st Century, a small town in Northern China. There are
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Love In Memory 2018 (2018)
Synopsis Drama The webdrama is a Sci-Fi romance genre dealing with forgotten love recalled
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Evil and the Mask (2018)
Synopsis Drama Kuki Fumihiro is a son from a wealthy zaibatsu (conglomerate) family. His
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Special Bodyguard (2018)
Synopsis Drama Zhang Tianze, a member of special forces, during a anti-narcotics operation, accidentally
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OMG, Your Honour (2018)
Synopsis Drama The series is a lighthearted legal series that is more down-to-earth. The
Permalink to Tantei ga Hayasugiru (2018)
Tantei ga Hayasugiru (2018)
Synopsis Drama University student Sogawa Ichika inherits 5 trillion yen from her father all
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The Outsider (2018)

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The Outsider (2018)
Synopsis Drama It’s an epic story set in post-World War II Japan, chronicling the