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Permalink to Tremble All You Want (2017)
Tremble All You Want (2017)
Synopsis Drama Yoshika has had a crush on Ichimiya, whom she calls "the One"
Permalink to Gossip High (2018)

Gossip High (2018)

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Gossip High (2018)
Synopsis Drama Qi Yi Tiao is a tabloid reporter who bumps into a superstar
Permalink to Porn Prom Onlaweng (2013)
Porn Prom Onlaweng (2013)
Synopsis Drama A young woman swaps bodies with a little girl whose uncle is
Permalink to Lily Fever (2015)

Lily Fever (2015)

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Lily Fever (2015)
Synopsis Drama A budding relationship between Kim Kyung Ju (Kim Hye Joon) and Jang
Permalink to Route 225 (2006)

Route 225 (2006)

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Route 225 (2006)
Synopsis Drama Two kids, fourteen-year-old Eriko and her thirteen-year-old brother Daigo, suddenly find themselves
Permalink to Keiji 7-nin Season 4 (2018)
Keiji 7-nin Season 4 (2018)
Synopsis Drama Keiji 7-nin Season 3 (Prequel) Genre : Detective Actors : Unknown Country
Permalink to Life Plan A and B (2016)
Life Plan A and B (2016)
Synopsis Drama Ru Wei and You Yan consider job changes and wonder how they
Permalink to Seven First Kisses (2016)
Seven First Kisses (2016)
Synopsis Drama A romantic drama of a duty free shop worker meeting seven different
Permalink to Must Be Love (2013)

Must Be Love (2013)

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Must Be Love (2013)
Synopsis Drama Must Be... Love is a 2013 Filipino coming-of-age romantic comedy film directed
Permalink to The Twins Effect (2003)

The Twins Effect (2003)

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The Twins Effect (2003)
Synopsis Drama A powerful, age-old bloodsucker attempts to gather the blood essence that will
Permalink to The Legend of Jade Sword (2018)
The Legend of Jade Sword (2018)
Synopsis Drama Set during the Xia dynasty, the first ever recorded dynasty in Chinese
Permalink to Dead Stock (2017)

Dead Stock (2017)

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Dead Stock (2017)
Synopsis Drama Tsuneta Riku works as rookie AD at a TV station. He is
Permalink to I Am Happy (movie) (2009)
I Am Happy (movie) (2009)
Synopsis Drama A man (Hyun-Bin) suffers from mental illness after having lived with a
Permalink to Windmill Palm Grove (2005)
Windmill Palm Grove (2005)
Synopsis Drama Kim In-Seo (Kim Min-Jong) is an up-and-coming patent lawyer. He graduated from
Permalink to Recipes to Live By (2017)
Recipes to Live By (2017)
Synopsis Drama Born with a golden tongue and able to distinguish between good and
Permalink to The Legend of Zu 2 (2018)

The Legend of Zu 2 (2018)

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The Legend of Zu 2 (2018)
Synopsis Drama The sequel revolves around Yu Ying Qi, a man from a tribe
Permalink to Laughing in the Wind (2001)
Laughing in the Wind (2001)
Synopsis Drama Ling Hu Chong a member of the Hua Shan sword practicing body
Permalink to Get My Revenge (2016)

Get My Revenge (2016)

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Get My Revenge (2016)
Synopsis Drama Get My Revenge (2016) In 2002, “Fukushu Ho” (Revenge Law) has been
Permalink to Innocent Curse (2017)

Innocent Curse (2017)

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Innocent Curse (2017)
Synopsis Drama Children have been vanishing in a small town. The adults around the
Permalink to Life on Mars (2018)

Life on Mars (2018)

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Life on Mars (2018)
Synopsis Drama The drama is based on the UK drama series “Life on Mars“
Permalink to Fluttering Warning (2018)

Fluttering Warning (2018)

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Fluttering Warning (2018)
Synopsis Drama This drama is based on a popular web novel of the same
Permalink to Season of Love (2013)

Season of Love (2013)

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Season of Love (2013)
Synopsis Drama A private detective (Kenneth Ma) goes through an overlap of love stories,
Permalink to Someone (2016)

Someone (2016)

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Someone (2016)
Synopsis Drama 5 university students gather to exchange information on their job search activities.
Permalink to The Taoism Grandmaster (2018)
The Taoism Grandmaster (2018)
Synopsis Drama It has been foretold over three thousand years ago that the apocalypse
Permalink to Begin Again (2017)

Begin Again (2017)

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Begin Again (2017)
Synopsis Drama kshow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
Permalink to Castella (2013)

Castella (2013)

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Castella (2013)
Synopsis Drama Nagasaki in the 1950s: The wealthy Sano family falls on hard times
Permalink to Angelo (2017)

Angelo (2017)

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Angelo (2017)
Synopsis Drama Angelo 天使的幸福 is a 30-episode Chinese romance drama that is a remake
Permalink to The Survival Family (2017)
The Survival Family (2017)
Synopsis Drama Electricity vanishes world-wide over night. "Survival Family" follows one Tokyo nuclear family