Yoon Se Ah

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SKY Castle (2018)

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SKY Castle (2018)
Synopsis Drama "SKY Castle" follows the lives of 4 women living in swanky SKY
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My Sassy Girl (SBS) (2017)
Synopsis Drama This is a 100% Pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2016-August and finished
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Just Between Lovers (2017)
Synopsis Drama The story of two individuals who lost their loved ones in an
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Love and Marriage (2008)
Synopsis Drama Lee Kang Hyun is a manager at a company that sets up
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Eves Love (2015)

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Eves Love (2015)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a woman who betrays by her friend and
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Smile Again (2006)

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Smile Again (2006)
Synopsis Drama Ban Ha Jin (Lee Dong Gun), an orphan and high school drop
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Family Secrets (2014)

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Family Secrets (2014)
Synopsis Drama Yang Hee tries her best to be the model daughter-in-law and mother,
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Lovers in Prague (2005)

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Lovers in Prague (2005)
Synopsis Drama The president's daughter, Yoon Jae-hee (Jun Do-yeon) is a Korean diplomat in
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Great King Sejong (2008)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about the life of the fourth king of the
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Panda and Hedgehog (2012)
Synopsis Drama Go Seung Ji (Lee Dong Hae) is a patissier who has been
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Shadows in the Palace (2007)
Synopsis Drama In the royal palace of King Jung-Jo, court nurse Chun-Ryung (Park Jin-Hee)
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Parallel Life (2010)

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Parallel Life (2010)
Synopsis Drama Kim Seok-Hyeon (Ji Jin-Hee) becomes Korea’s youngest appointed criminal court judge at