Kim Soo Hyun

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Dance Sports Girls (2018) (2018)
Synopsis Drama “Dance Sports Girls” is based on the documentary of the same name.
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The Last Princess 2016 (2016)
Synopsis Drama Under the oppressive Japanese colonial rule, Deok-hye, the last Princess of the
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Producer (2015)

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Producer (2015)
Synopsis Drama Drama series is set at an entertainment division of a broadcasting company
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Secretly Greatly (2013)

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Secretly Greatly (2013)
Synopsis Drama A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North
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Dream High (2011)

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Dream High (2011)
Synopsis Drama Six students at Girin Art High School work to achieve their dreams
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Father’s House (2009)

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Father’s House (2009)
Synopsis Drama The drama begins in 1988 and focuses on the life of Kang