Jung Il Woo

Name : Jung Il Woo
Other Name : 정일우 / 鄭日宇
Age : 32
Birthday : September, 09, 1987
Place Birth : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 183 CM

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Haechi (2019)

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Haechi (2019)
Synopsis Drama during the Joseon Dynasty period, four people from different walks of life
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Unstoppable High Kick (2006)
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World Of Silence (2006)

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World Of Silence (2006)
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High-End Crush (2015)

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High-End Crush (2015)
Synopsis Drama This drama is a Korean-Chinese production web-drama This drama is the heartfelt
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The Night Watchman (2014)
Synopsis Drama The night watchmen of Joseon patrol the darkest hours of the day
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49 Days (2011)

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49 Days (2011)
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