Ichikawa Yui

Name : Ichikawa Yui
Other Name : 市川由衣 / Yuinyan
Age : 2020
Birthday : November, 30, -0001
Place Birth : Tokyo, Japan
Height : 158 CM

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Dark Suit (2014)

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Dark Suit (2014)
Synopsis Drama Ichinose Ryo works as a salesperson for Hashiba Sales Service, a subsidiary
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Owakon TV (2014)

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Owakon TV (2014)
Synopsis Drama Small and medium subcontractor production companies currently support the TV industry. Chocolate
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Forbidden Siren (2006)

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Forbidden Siren (2006)
Synopsis Drama In 1976, on the southern island of Yamijima, the sea turns red,
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Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo (2012)
Synopsis Drama Positive and daring in character and always living her life to the
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Muscle Girl! (2011)

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Muscle Girl! (2011)
Synopsis Drama Ichikawa plays the part of Azusa, the only child of the owner
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Rondo (2006)

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Rondo (2006)
Synopsis Drama Japan and Korea’s biggest names star in this big-scale drama. Nishijima Sho