Hu Ge

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The Empire Symbol (2013)
Synopsis Drama The story of “Empire Symbol” is quiet dramatic and it is called
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Xuan Yuan Sword (2012)

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Xuan Yuan Sword (2012)
Synopsis Drama This centers around two descendants, Yuwen Tuo and Chen Jing Chou, and
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Game of Hunting (2017)

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Game of Hunting (2017)
Synopsis Drama Zheng Qiu Dong is a persistent man when pursuing his ideals. He
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Surgeons (2017)

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Surgeons (2017)
Synopsis Drama Is it possible to search for answers to a death that occurred
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Seven of the Sky (2006)

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Seven of the Sky (2006)
Synopsis Drama Seven of the Sky is an inspiring story that teaches about life
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Go! Goal! Fighting! (2016)
Synopsis Drama Mu Qi is a retired football coach who is drawn in by
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The Disguiser (2015) (2015)
Synopsis Drama Title: 伪装者 / Wei Zhuang Zhe English title: The Disguiser Genre: Action,
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Bie Ai Wo (2006)

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Bie Ai Wo (2006)
Synopsis Drama For a girl with only a hundred days left to live, what
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Good Times (2015)

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Good Times (2015)
Synopsis Drama Is marriage the only route to happiness? Yuan Hao (Hu Ge) owns
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Nirvana in Fire (2015)

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Nirvana in Fire (2015)
Synopsis Drama During the great unrest of 4th-century China, war breaks out between the
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Just Another Margin (2014)
Synopsis Drama Just Another Margin, on the other hand, is a Hong Kong style
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Sound of the Desert (2014)
Synopsis Drama Based on the hit romance novel, Sound of the Desert traces the
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Sheng Huo Qi Shi Lu (2014)
Synopsis Drama The optimistic and frank Yu Xiaoqiang married a clothing company worker Liu
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The Sound of Desert (2014)
Synopsis Drama Jin Yu was raised with the people of Xiongnu, although her foster
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The Young Warriors (2006)
Synopsis Drama This drama focuses on the earlier days of the legendary Yang Clan
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Diva (2012)

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Diva (2012)
Synopsis Drama Joey has already locked down her Pop Diva status in the music
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iPartment (Unknown)

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iPartment (Unknown)
Synopsis Drama Four guys, three girls, one apartment. Fast talking, packed with jokes, and
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1911 Revolution (2011)

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1911 Revolution (2011)
Synopsis Drama The story closely follows key events of the Xinhai Revolution, with focus
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The Myth (2010)

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The Myth (2010)
Synopsis Drama A 2000 year-old artifact transported Yi Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao from
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Chinese Paladin (2005)

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Chinese Paladin (2005)
Synopsis Drama Based on a popular RPG of the same name. The story takes
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Butterfly Lovers (2008)

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Butterfly Lovers (2008)
Synopsis Drama Life is fleeting as the butterfly, beautiful yet transient. As legend has
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Chinese Paladin 3 (2009)
Synopsis Drama This is a prequel to "Chinese Paladin" and takes place 50 years