Hong Ah Reum

Name : Hong Ah Reum
Other Name : 홍아름 / Hong Ah Reum
Age : 30
Birthday : March, 28, 1989
Place Birth : South Korea
Height : 164 CM

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Bird That Doesnt Cry (2015)
Synopsis Drama A drama about revenge towards Cheon Mi-ja (Oh Hyun-kyung) by Oh Honey
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Tears Of Heaven (2014)

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Tears Of Heaven (2014)
Synopsis Drama Cha-Young (Hong Ah-Reum) learns that she was abandoned by her own mother
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Soldier aka God of War (2012)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a beggar rising to the top and overruling
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In Soon is Pretty (Unknown)
Synopsis Drama Park In Soon accidentally killed another girl when she was in high
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Reversal of Fate (2009)

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Reversal of Fate (2009)
Synopsis Drama Bo Young began her career as a teacher in a small village.