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Yakusha Damashii (2006)

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Yakusha Damashii (2006)
Synopsis Drama Life is often likened to a stage of a play. And you
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Her Granddaughter (2015)
Synopsis Drama Tsugumi Dozono (Nana Eikura) works at a large electronics company in Tokyo.
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Nezumi Edo wo Hashiru (2014)
Synopsis Drama Under the rule of Shogun Ienari, the samurais and the townspeople are
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Kasuka na Kanojo (2013)
Synopsis Drama Junior high school teacher Kamiyama Akira has the ability to sense ghosts,
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Akumu Chan (2012)

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Akumu Chan (2012)
Synopsis Drama In this world of uncertainty, would we be happier if we could
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Nazo no Tenkousei (Unknown)
Synopsis Drama Iwata Koichi (Nakamura Aoi) and Kagawa Midori (Sakurai Minami) are second-year students