Go Ah Sung

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Office (Korean Movie) (2015)
Synopsis Drama Kim Byeong-Gook (Bae Sung-Woo) works as a section chief at a company.
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Life on Mars (2018)

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Life on Mars (2018)
Synopsis Drama The drama is based on the UK drama series “Life on Mars“
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Radiant Office (2017)

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Radiant Office (2017)
Synopsis Drama Eun Ho Won (Go Ah Sung) faces repeat rejections in her job
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Right Now, Wrong Then (2015)
Synopsis Drama By mistake, film director Ham Chunsu arrives in Suwon a day early.
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The Beauty Inside (2015)
Synopsis Drama Furniture designer Woo-jin wakes up in a different body everyday, regardless of
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Thread of Lies (2014)

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Thread of Lies (2014)
Synopsis Drama Hyun-sook (Kim Hee-ae) is a widowed single mother who is raising two
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After the Banquet (2009)
Synopsis Drama In the countryside at a Catholic Church luxurious cars come rolling in.