Francis Ng

Name : Francis Ng
Other Name : 吴镇宇 / 吳鎮宇
Age : 58
Birthday : December, 21, 1961
Place Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 180 CM

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The Closet (2007)

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The Closet (2007)
Synopsis Drama There is a private room within everyone's heart. When intruders barge in,
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Line Walker (2016) (2016)
Synopsis Drama The details of undercover police officers are deleted from a police database
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Exiled (2006)

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Exiled (2006)
Synopsis Drama A friendship is formed between an ex-gangster, and two groups of hitmen
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Love Without Distance (2015)
Synopsis Drama Tyrant Chen (Francis Ng) is a struggle through the ups and downs,
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24 Hours Ghost Story (1997)
Synopsis Drama Wellson Chin Sing-wai spins this ghost yarn about a spirit who haunts
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Heros (2013)

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Heros (2013)
Synopsis Drama Hero is the story of Korea's top reporters and ordinary citizens fighting
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Triumph In The Skies 2 (2013)
Synopsis Drama SAM TONG (Francis Ng) is a successful pilot with a smooth sailing
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Good for Nothing Heros (2012)
Synopsis Drama The film tells the financial crisis background two small figures in metropolis
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The Last Tycoon (2012)

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The Last Tycoon (2012)
Synopsis Drama The movie is set in Shanghai in the early Republican era. Cheng
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The Warring States (2011)
Synopsis Drama As the purported descendant of the author of "The Art of War,"
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Those Were the Days (1977)
Synopsis Drama A spirited comedy that pokes fun at old-style Cantonese filmmaking and Wong
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Bullet and Brain (2007)

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Bullet and Brain (2007)
Synopsis Drama The godfather Principal in the black run is killed by his heeler