Emoto Akira

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The Last Frankenstein (1991)
Synopsis Drama This 1992 Japanese film tells the story of a scientist who sets
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Journey to the Shore (2015)
Synopsis Drama Mizuki’s husband Yusuke went missing for 3 years. He suddenly comes back
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Tobe! Dakota (2013)

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Tobe! Dakota (2013)
Synopsis Drama Sister Ann - a British Royal Air Force transport plane is forced
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Yokai Ningen Bem (2011)
Synopsis Drama Bem (Kamenashi Kazuya), Bella (Anne) and Bello (Suzuki Fuku) are ugly monsters
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Admiral Yamamoto (2011)
Synopsis Drama On December 7th, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy", 353
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Drugstore Girl (2004)

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Drugstore Girl (2004)
Synopsis Drama Pharmaceutical student, Keiko witnesses her boyfriend having an affair. Shocked and disappointed,
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April Bride (2009)

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April Bride (2009)
Synopsis Drama On April 5, 2007, a couple married in a church. At first