Do Kyung Soo (D.O.)

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100 Days My Prince (2018)
Synopsis Drama This is a pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2018-April. Lee Yool (D.O.)
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My Annoying Brother (2016)
Synopsis Drama Du Shik is a shameless swindler who receives a parole sentence after
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Room No.7 (2017)

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Room No.7 (2017)
Synopsis Drama Tae-jung, the part-time worker of a DVD room, hides drugs in room
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Cart 2014 (2014)

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Cart 2014 (2014)
Synopsis Drama Sun-Hee (Yum Jung-Ah) is a mother of two children. She has worked
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To The Beautiful You (2012)
Synopsis Drama The series centers on Goo Jae Hee, a Korean girl who lives