Name : Denden
Other Name : でんでん
Age : 69
Birthday : January, 23, 1950
Place Birth : Fukuoka prefecture
Height : 174 CM

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Dokonjo Gaeru (2015)

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Dokonjo Gaeru (2015)
Synopsis Drama Hiroshi (Kenichi Matsuyama) is now 30-years-old and lethargic, but Pyonkichi, the frog
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Killers (2014)

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Killers (2014)
Synopsis Drama Nomura is a serial killer who views people as targets to kill.
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Tokyo Tribe 2014 (2014)

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Tokyo Tribe 2014 (2014)
Synopsis Drama Set sometime in the future. Five years has passed since the Shibuya
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Suzuki Sensei (movie) (2013)
Synopsis Drama Teacher Akira Suzuki (Hiroki Hasegawa) breaks away from long held customs and
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Beautiful Rain (2012)

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Beautiful Rain (2012)
Synopsis Drama One day a father with a young daughter is diagnosed as a
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Kabei: Our Mother (2008)
Synopsis Drama Set in Tokyo in 1940, the peaceful life of the Nogami Family