Dayo Wong

Name : Dayo Wong
Other Name : 黃子華 / Wong Chi Wah (Huang Zi Hua)
Age : 59
Birthday : September, 05, 1960
Place Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 175 CM

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Temporary Family (2014)
Synopsis Drama Lung (Nick Cheung), a hardworking property agent, is facing a serious situation
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Men Don’t Cry (2007)

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Men Don’t Cry (2007)
Synopsis Drama With the support of the head of the Police Authority, Guangzhou’s top
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Leave Me Alone (2004)

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Leave Me Alone (2004)
Synopsis Drama When Yiu Chun-Kit faces troubles being unable to pay off his debt
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Those Were the Days (1977)
Synopsis Drama A spirited comedy that pokes fun at old-style Cantonese filmmaking and Wong