Daniel Chan

Name : Daniel Chan
Other Name : 陳曉東 / 陈晓东 / Chan Hiu Tung / Chen Xiao Dong / Chan Cheuk Yeung / Dong Dong
Age : 2020
Birthday : November, 30, -0001
Place Birth : Shanghai, China
Height : 0 CM

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Dawn Break Up (2015)

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Dawn Break Up (2015)
Synopsis Drama Zhang Nan (Daniel Chan ) fame, occasional music children (Yin Hang )
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Happy Lover Part II (2014)
Synopsis Drama Mu Yan forced to leave the beloved only son of chairman Joyce
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Happy Lover PartI (2014)
Synopsis Drama Childhood in a courageous , so that small and small Mu Yancheng
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Lan Ling Wang (2013)

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Lan Ling Wang (2013)
Synopsis Drama A prophecy foretold that victory goes to the one who has the
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Material Queen (2011)

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Material Queen (2011)
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