Damian Lau

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Growing Through Life (Unknown)
Synopsis Drama Starring Raymond Lam and Damian Lau After his father’s death, Hoi Sing
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The Heroic Trio 2 (1993)
Synopsis Drama Set some time after the original 'Heroic Trio' the city has been
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Medalist Lawyer Heir (2017)
Synopsis Drama He needs an assistant. She wants her inheritance back. Zheng Hao (Hawick
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Lives of Omission (2011)
Synopsis Drama Served as an undercover for several years, Leung Siu Tong or Laughing
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The Heroic Trio 1 (1993)
Synopsis Drama The all-female Heroic Trio are Tung (Wonder Woman), Chat (Thief Catcher), a
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14 Blades (2010)

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14 Blades (2010)
Synopsis Drama  kung fu thriller set during the Ming Dynasty and centered on a
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Catch me now (2008)

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Catch me now (2008)
Synopsis Drama Though Ko Chit (Damian Lau) masterminds a series of high-profile robberies, he
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Rose Martial World (2008)
Synopsis Drama Rose Martial World is a Chinese-Hong Kong wuxia-romance television series produced by
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Lifeline (1977)

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Lifeline (1977)
Synopsis Drama Hong Kong’s answer to Backdraft is a good, solid flick that seems
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Battle of the Beauties (0)
Synopsis Drama This article contains no synopsis. You can help DramaWiki by Genre :