Chen Joe

Name : Chen Joe
Other Name : 陳喬恩 / Joe Chen / Chen Chiao En / Chen Qiao En / 陈乔恩
Age : 40
Birthday : April, 04, 1979
Place Birth : Taiwanese
Height : 0 CM

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The Legendary Tycoon (2017)
Synopsis Drama Huace Media's project 'The Legendary Tycoon' will be based on the life
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Love Actually (2017) (2017)
Synopsis Drama Do opposites really attract? An Qing Huan (Joe Chen) is a career
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Candle in the Tomb (2016)
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Cruel Romance (2015)

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Cruel Romance (2015)
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Swordsman (2013)

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Swordsman (2013)
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The Girl In Blue (2010)

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The Girl In Blue (2010)
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Girl in Blue (2010)

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Girl in Blue (2010)
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