Chakrit Yamnarm

Name : Chakrit Yamnarm
Other Name : ชาคริต แย้มนาม
Age : 41
Birthday : June, 25, 1978
Place Birth : Thailand
Height : 177 CM

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Bussaba Rae Fun (2016)

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Bussaba Rae Fun (2016)
Synopsis Drama Sui is a plain girl who is jealous of other girls most
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Sai See Plerng (2014)

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Sai See Plerng (2014)
Synopsis Drama The story starts out with Sai’s mother, who becomes involved with her
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Talad Arom (2011)
Synopsis Drama Trat is the heir to one of the richest companies in Thailand.
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Ku Kaen San Ruk (2011)
Synopsis Drama Songkran (Chakrit) is a real estate mogul a total womanizer with a
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Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (2009)
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