Bobby Au Yeung

Name : Bobby Au Yeung
Other Name : 歐陽震華 / Auyeung Chun Wah / Ouyang Zhen Hua
Age : 59
Birthday : July, 28, 1960
Place Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 180 CM

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Always and Ever (2013)

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Always and Ever (2013)
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Forensic Heroes II (2008)
Synopsis Drama Every contact leaves a trace Every clue serves as a silent witness
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Armed Reaction IV (2004)
Synopsis Drama Armed Reaction IV (Chinese: 陀槍師姐 IV; Jyutping: to4 coeng1 si1 ze2 IV)
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Shine on You (2004)

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Shine on You (2004)
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Forensic Heroes (2006)

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Forensic Heroes (2006)
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Armed Reaction III (2001)
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Armed Reaction (1997)

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Armed Reaction (1997)
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