Araya Alberta Hargate

Name : Araya Alberta Hargate
Other Name : อารยา อัลเบอร์ต้า ฮาร์เก็ต
Age : 38
Birthday : June, 28, 1981
Place Birth : Thailand
Height : 170 CM

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Kol Kimono (2015)

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Kol Kimono (2015)
Synopsis Drama When the snow devil escapes, how will the crane god protect his
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Kamathep Prab Marn (2017)
Synopsis Drama It's because of a slave contract she signed when she was drunk.
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Sai See Plerng (2014)

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Sai See Plerng (2014)
Synopsis Drama The story starts out with Sai’s mother, who becomes involved with her
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Kon Ruk Strawberry (2013)
Synopsis Drama Anya (Araya A.Hargate) or nicknamed Anko an outspoken girl working for Head
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Rahut Torachon (2011)

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Rahut Torachon (2011)
Synopsis Drama About a policeman that protect the president. Genre : Action Actors :
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Mia Teang (2011)

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Mia Teang (2011)
Synopsis Drama Kongkai lives his life as a playboy, so his mother wants him
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Wiwa Wah Woon (2010)

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Wiwa Wah Woon (2010)
Synopsis Drama “Wiwaa Wa Woon” is a romantic comedy about a rich playboy name