Angela Baby

Name : Angela Baby
Other Name : 杨颖, Wing Yeung
Age : 30
Birthday : February, 28, 1989
Place Birth : Shanghai, China
Height : 168 CM

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Crimes of Passion (2013)
Synopsis Drama The film entitled "Yi Chang Feng Hua Xue Yue De Shi" in
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Yun Zhong Ge (2017)

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Yun Zhong Ge (2017)
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Temporary Family (2014)
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The First Time (2012)

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The First Time (2012)
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First Time (2012)

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First Time (2012)
Synopsis Drama Sonq Shiqiao (Angelababy), 22, lives with her devoted mother, widowed shop owner
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Trivial Matters (2007)

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Trivial Matters (2007)
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Love You You (2011)

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Love You You (2011)
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