Ai Hashimoto

Name : Ai Hashimoto
Other Name : 橋本愛
Age : 23
Birthday : January, 12, 1996
Place Birth : Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Height : 165 CM

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The Inerasable (2016)

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The Inerasable (2016)
Synopsis Drama An author of mystery-novels helps a student to uncover the tragic story
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Hard Nut (2013)

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Hard Nut (2013)
Synopsis Drama Kurumi Nanba (Ai Hashimoto) is a student majoring in math at prestigious
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Another (2012)

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Another (2012)
Synopsis Drama After a chain of deaths at a junior high school, new transfer
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The Kirishima Thing (2012)
Synopsis Drama "Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo" tells the story of two high school students who