Adam Cheng

Name : Adam Cheng
Other Name : 鄭少秋 / 郑少秋 / Cheng Siu Chow / Zheng Shao Qiu / Chow Goon
Age : 32
Birthday : February, 21, 1987
Place Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 194 CM

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Drunken Master III (1994)
Synopsis Drama The White Lotus Sect convinces the Manchu emperor of China that a
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Blade Heart (2004)

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Blade Heart (2004)
Synopsis Drama The Tong family was framed 20 years ago and sentenced to death
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Saving General Yang (2013)
Synopsis Drama Based on Chinese folklore, ‘Saving General Yang’ focuses on the seven Yang
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Master Of Play (2012)

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Master Of Play (2012)
Synopsis Drama Stage play actor KAN SIU NAM (Adam Cheng) went through a huge
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The Conquerors Story (2004)
Synopsis Drama The Conqueror's Story is a retelling of how Liu Bang influenced from
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The Book and the Sword (2009)
Synopsis Drama Legendary TV actor Adam Cheng (ZU, WARRIORs FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN) reprises