Ada Choi

Name : Ada Choi
Other Name : 蔡少芬 / Choi Siu Fan (Cai Shao Fen)
Age : 46
Birthday : September, 17, 1973
Place Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 170 CM

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S Storm (2016)

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S Storm (2016)
Synopsis Drama No sooner is a team at ICAC set up to investigate irregularities/corruption
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The Gem of Life (2008)

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The Gem of Life (2008)
Synopsis Drama The Gem of Life (Traditional Chinese: ????) was a TVB grand production
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Beauty At War (2012)

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Beauty At War (2012)
Synopsis Drama In order to air her grievances towards her elder sister Lady YUE
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Armed Reaction IV (2004)
Synopsis Drama Armed Reaction IV (Chinese: 陀槍師姐 IV; Jyutping: to4 coeng1 si1 ze2 IV)
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Seven Swordsmen (2006)

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Seven Swordsmen (2006)
Synopsis Drama n 1664, the Manchus take control of China and establish the Qing
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Armed Reaction III (2001)
Synopsis Drama Armed Reaction III is a 2001 Hong Kong modern cop drama produced
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Shanghai Legend (2011)

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Shanghai Legend (2011)
Synopsis Drama The story takes place in the 1930s-40s era of Shanghai, the main
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The Tearful Sword (2007)
Synopsis Drama In this brooding martial arts series based on Ku Lung’s novel HEROES
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Who s The Hero (2010)

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Who s The Hero (2010)
Synopsis Drama When baby Tenson (Julian Cheung Chi-Lam) got abandonned in a casino, he