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My Precious Grandchild (2017)
Synopsis Drama kshow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
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Jugglers (2017)

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Jugglers (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama revolves around an uptight, do-it-himself former-boxer boss and his supportive,
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Fabulous 30 The Series (2017)
Synopsis Drama Ja, a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream
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29+1 (2017)

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29+1 (2017)
Synopsis Drama Christy Lam is a smart worker who always performs professional in her
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Nothing Special Force (2017)
Synopsis Drama The characteristic of the Miscellaneous Enquiries (ME) unit is "miscellaneous"! Their investigations
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The Village of No Return (2017)
Synopsis Drama The village of forgetfulness," the story took place in a paradise-like village,
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My Man’s Secret (2017)
Synopsis Drama This drama is about a man who wears a mask he wishes
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Hanson And The Beast (2017)
Synopsis Drama Hanson and the Beast (2017) Yuan Shuai, a debt-ridden animal-breeder, tries to
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Kite (2017)

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Kite (2017)
Synopsis Drama N/A Genre : Drama Actors : Unknown Country : CHINESE Type :
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2Moons : The Series S1 (2017)
Synopsis Drama Meet the story of six university students: Phana, Wayo, Ming, Kit, Beam
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Pediatrician (2017)

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Pediatrician (2017)
Synopsis Drama About a love between two doctors Tang Yujia and Shen he who
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A Gentleman (2017)

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A Gentleman (2017)
Synopsis Drama Gaurav dreams of settling down with Kavya, the woman of his dreams,
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tomodachi game (2017)

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tomodachi game (2017)
Synopsis Drama Katagiri Yuichi believes that friends are more important than money, but he
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The Terror Live (Unknown)
Synopsis Drama Yoon Young-Hwa (Ha Jung-Woo) is a former popular TV anchorman, but due
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Bluebeard (2017)

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Bluebeard (2017)
Synopsis Drama Dr. Seung-hoon sedates his landlord before medical check-up, when the old man
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The Devils Ballad (1977)
Synopsis Drama Based on the novel about detective Kindaichi Kousuke by Seishi Yokomizo. Genre
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Shukatsu Kazoku (2017)

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Shukatsu Kazoku (2017)
Synopsis Drama Yosuke Tomikawa (Tomokazu Miura) is married to Mizuki (Hitomi Kuroki). They have
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Gasing Tengkorak (2017)

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Gasing Tengkorak (2017)
Synopsis Drama VERONICA (Nikita Willy), is a top diva. In a gig, Veronica suddenly
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Eight Taels Of Gold (1989)
Synopsis Drama Ten years after illegally immigrating to America, Slim (Sammo Hung) returns to
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The Game Changer 2017 (2017)
Synopsis Drama Lin Zihao and Fang Jie are two brothers who have gone through
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Smashing on Your Back (2017)
Synopsis Drama A sitcom about a family that’s struggling to survive, living with the
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Suicide Made (2017)

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Suicide Made (2017)
Synopsis Drama Kim Kwang-seok is a known Korean singer. Was his death suicide or
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Borg Mom (2017)

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Borg Mom (2017)
Synopsis Drama The story is about a genius scientist who makes a robot wife
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Ice Fantasy Destiny (2017)
Synopsis Drama Ice Fantasy Destiny transports the epic fantasy adventure story into a modern