Monthly: December 2016

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Zenin, Kataomoi (2016)

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Zenin, Kataomoi (2016)
Synopsis Drama Several short films put together under the common theme of One Sided
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Hello, Neighbor (2016)

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Hello, Neighbor (2016)
Synopsis Drama kshow Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country : KOREAN Type
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Your Majesty (2016)

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Your Majesty (2016)
Synopsis Drama Setting month, Cosmos created chaos in the Milky Way Galaxy at the
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Fight, Zatoichi, Fight (1964)
Synopsis Drama Blind swordsman Zatoichi befriends a young woman returning home with her baby.
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The Mohican Comes Home (2016)
Synopsis Drama Eikichi left his hometown in Hiroshima for Tokyo. He tried to find
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Part Time: The Series (2016)
Synopsis Drama A series about students who have to work part-time to make ends
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Kamoshirenai Joyutachi 2016 (2016)
Synopsis Drama If actresses Hirosue Ryoko, Igawa Haruka and Saito Yuki chose different paths
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Phantom Detective (2016)
Synopsis Drama Though he runs an illegal detective agency, Hong Gil-dong’s reputation as a
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Fighting Meiling (2016)

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Fighting Meiling (2016)
Synopsis Drama Taiwan in 1960. By the 1980s, it started to build ten construction,
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Destruction Babies 2016 (2016)
Synopsis Drama Taira Ashihara and his younger brother Shota live by themselves in the
Permalink to Sotus: The Series (2016) (2016)
Sotus: The Series (2016) (2016)
Synopsis Drama There's a university system called SOTUS (an acronym which stands for Seniority,
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Ka Connection (2016)

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Ka Connection (2016)
Synopsis Drama kshow - Ka Connection Genre : Variety Show Actors : Unknown Country
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Seven First Kisses (2016)
Synopsis Drama A romantic drama of a duty free shop worker meeting seven different
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Lhong Ngao Jun (2006)

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Lhong Ngao Jun (2006)
Synopsis Drama Pim is the sencond wife's child and daddy's girl. Pim's mother died
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Making Family (2016)

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Making Family (2016)
Synopsis Drama An independent career woman who wants a family without a husband and
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Arechi No Koi (2016)

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Arechi No Koi (2016)
Synopsis Drama In 1947, a year heavily tinged by the scars of war, Kitazawa
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Royal Tramp (2008)

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Royal Tramp (2008)
Synopsis Drama The story centers on a witty and sly protagonist, Wei Xiaobao. He
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Jirocho Trilogy 3 (1960)
Synopsis Drama While on the road, famed Yakuza Boss Jirocho is falsely accused of
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The Blood Sword 2 (1992)
Synopsis Drama The Blood Sword 2 is a Hong Kong television series adapted from
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First Love Again (2016)

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First Love Again (2016)
Synopsis Drama Lee Ha Jin (Myung Se Bin) is a woman who had forgotten
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Mood of the Day (2016)

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Mood of the Day (2016)
Synopsis Drama By chance, a man and a woman meet on the KTX train
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In Between Days (2006)

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In Between Days (2006)
Synopsis Drama Aimie, a recently arrived Korean immigrant teenager, has fallen in love with